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Suspect in fatal Fond du Lac shooting arrested after 9 days on the run

BREVATOR TOWNSHIP, MN -- Authorities have arrested a suspect in a fatal shooting on the Fond du Lac Reservation.

Police took Jospeh Fohrenkam, 18, into custody Wednesday at an apartment complex on the White Earth Reservation, in Mahnomen County.

Joseph Fohrenkam, 18

A warrant for second degree manslaughter had been issued for his arrest.

St. Louis County Sheriff's officials responded to a Brevator Township home on Giniiw Road around 1:15 a.m. December 28.

They found 16-year-old Joseph Peterson's body outside the home.

Fohrenkam's mother, Littlefawn Fohrenkam, was also located and arrested in connection to this investigation.

According to court documents, several people had been drinking in a parked pickup truck the night of the shoot.

Witnesses say Fohrenkam had been waving a gun around. At some point, the gun went off, shooting Peterson in the head.

Witnesses told authorities they believe Fohrenkam's arm hit the vehicle's center console, causing the gun to fire. They added that there had been no arguing or disagreements leading up to the shooting.

Briggs LeSavage

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