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Gov. Walz reflects on nation’s history with statewide tour

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DULUTH, MN-- During a statewide tour, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz aims to encourage people across Minnesota to reflect on the insurrection which happened at our nation's Capitol last week.

"It's frayed this country, it's frayed us politically, it's frayed us economically, it's been difficult," said Walz.

Walz's Calm, Civility and Peace tour brought him to Duluth's Vietnam and Korean War memorials Thursday afternoon.

Saying he's hoping to reflect on our nation's history will help us move forward.

Walz added, "The choices for us to make the choices that previous generations made to figure out how to get together and solve the problem and move forward."

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson and newly elected City Council President Renee Van Nett were in attendance to show their support.

"It's up to the leaders and individuals to make sure that our neighbors are safe," said Van Nett. "And I think the tour that he's working on does that in a broader perspective."

As a former history teacher, Walz said he isn't sure how the recent events will impact our nation's future, but Walz added he supports President Trump's impeachment.

"If there are things that are allowed to happen that are clearly against the principles of the country there has to be an accountability," he said.

That as a country, it's time to set aside our differences and work together for the better of the country.

"You're not going to get your way every time but the public expects us to get something done," he added.

Today was Walz's third and final visit as part of the tour.

Emma Quinn

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