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Update: Animal Allies raises enough money for pups heart surgeries

Precious the dog needing heart surgery

DULUTH, MN -- Animal Allies Humane Society raised enough money to help local puppies get surgery.

Gus and Precious, two American Stafforshire Terries who we previously reported on with dangerous heart murmurs, needed heart surgery in order to live.

As of Wednesday, more than $8,000 was raised to help the dogs. According to Animal Allies that was the estimated cost for the surgeries, which is great news!

Reps hope to schedule their surgeries soon.

DULUTH, MN -- A fundraiser is trying to give two dogs in need a second chance.

Gus and Precious are American Staffordshire Terriers with huge personalities!

Both pups love meeting people, playing with other dogs and carrying fluffy toys.

Shelter medical staff at Animal Allies Humane Society in Duluth noticed both dogs have dangerous heart murmurs.

Without surgery, Gus and Precious are not expected to live very long.

A specialized veterinary cardiologist recommended both dogs receive heart surgery at the University of Minnesota.

Animal Allies decided to raise funds for the dogs through their Healing Hearts and Paws Fund.

"The estimated cost for both of them to have the surgery is $8,000," Nicole Facciotto, humane education manager, said. "We're getting pretty close, so that's really exciting, but not quite there yet, so still need a few more donations to hit that final mark."

If Animal Allies raises more funds than Gus and Precious need, the money will go to other animals at the shelter.

Click here if you would like to donate.

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