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Severe weather postpones Sunday vaccine appointments at DECC

DULUTH, MN-- Severe winter weather has caused Sunday vaccine appointments at the DECC to be postponed.

The winter weather has delayed the federal government's ability to ship at least part of this week's COVID-19 vaccine doses to Minnesota.

Jesse Stock with the Minnesota Department of Health says that all impacted parties were notified Friday via text, email, or landline if necessary.

"MDH officials remain in close contact with the CDC, and we continue to monitor the situation closely. We are also continuing to communicate with Minnesota provider partners and providing updates as new information becomes available, including shipping details and tracking information for doses that can leave warehouses," said Stock.

The DECC is not the only site seeing impacts, vaccine appointments were postponed Saturday at the Convention Center, and the Mayo Civic Center will also postpone their appointments Sunday.

According to Stock, additional shipping delays could cause significant operational challenges for both the state sites and for other providers.

MDH says they are tracking the situation closely and will administer delayed doses as soon as vaccines arrive.

Natalie Grant

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