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Duluth citizens gather to support the Philando Castile Omnibus Bill

DULUTH, MN--Some members of the Duluth community gathered at the Clayton, Jackson, and Mcghee memorial Sunday afternoon to support HF784.

HF784 is a proposed piece of state legislation aiming to address centuries of inequalities and implicit bias targeting primarily African Americans.

The bill is named after Philando Castile, who was a black man shot and killed by police in St. Paul.

The bill aims to invest a total of $375 million throughout the state to fund African American and African Immigrant organizations.

Part of the money will also go towards finding ways to end systemic racism.

Henry Banks, Member of the Minnesota Economic Opportunity Partnership, said the bill will help bring equality.

"Minnesota must establish and use a system that preclears executive and legislative actions to ensure equal access and opportunity is being advanced. Finally, Minnesota must ensure our government invests in benefits for everyone," said Banks.

Duluth's district 7B Representative Liz Olson is a co-author on the bill.

It will be introduced later this week.

John Cardinale

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