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Minnesota lawmaker reaffirms state’s commitment to mining


ST. PAUL, MN-- A Minnesota State Representative is reaffirming the state's commitment to mining.

Rep. Spencer Igo (R-Grand Rapids) introduced a resolution in the State House Monday.

It affirms the House's commitment to encouraging Minnesota’s technology and medical companies to use Minnesota-mined minerals when manufacturing products.

“As lawmakers and leaders in the Northland, we are obligated to support our communities by making sure that the world of tomorrow is built with iron, copper, nickel, and other critical minerals that are beneath our feet,” said Rep. Igo. “Minnesota has high environmental standards that ensure we can mine minerals morally, responsibly, and positively.

He went on to say mining in Minnesota adds value to Northland communities with family-wage jobs and infrastructure.

The resolution reads in part:

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of Minnesota, the Senate concurring, that Minnesota’s manufacturers of technologically advanced products, and companies that purchase them, including energy utilities, are strongly encouraged to conduct research into the origin of the products and materials that are part of their supply chains and to endeavor to support products made using Minnesota-mined minerals and that the State of Minnesota support research into technologies that, as with taconite pelletizing process, enable economically marginal mineral resources to be fully utilized.

House Concurrent Resolution 6, formally introduced yesterday Monday, is co-authored by House Minority Leader, Kurt Daudt (R-Crown).

Jessie Slater

Evening Anchor and Reporter

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