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Graphic design student spreads positivity through inspo signs hanging around Duluth


DULUTH, MN-- As the warmer weather continues to draw Duluthians outside, the better the chances of seeing large, unassuming purple posters hanging around.

“Take a breath”, “You’ll make it through," words of encouragement.

A former East Duluth High School student, now a sophomore at Mesabi Range College, Sully Kosmos, started to spread these messages as a call for hope.

Kosmos is currently a graphic design major who started a positivity campaign as part of a senior capstone project to advocate for bettering mental health during the pandemic.

As many have struggled with their mental health, Kosmos prioritizes spreading hope where there hardly seems to be any.

“This campaign is just to cheer people up. Everything sucks right now,” said Kosmos. “Everybody is just waiting for the next hit of bad news and I’m just tired of it.”

Kosmos says that they were going through the roughest moments of their life when they got the idea for this project. Kosmos wanted to combat that negativity and created 50 signs and 300 cards encouraging people that things will get better.

Kosmos originally had no idea what to do with the project, but through spring break, the idea struck.

“Being able to feed off of my experiences and my struggles through COVID as a student and an essential worker, inspired me.”

As an essential worker, Kosmos has first-handedly seen the anxiety and fear COVID-19 has caused to many.

“I’ve been at a grocery store where people are freaking out, they’re trying to get the last bits of canned food that they need,” they said. “I was working on the first day that the lockdown was announced and it was one of our busiest days we’ve had in the history of the store because everybody was terrified.”

The project is meant to encourage people to believe that we will move past our struggles, and keep pushing through.

For more information on the project, click here.

Abigael Smith

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