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WATCH: Stunt rider flips and flies through downtown Duluth on snowmobile

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DULUTH, MN -- Red Bull released a new snowmobile stunt video Wednesday featuring Minnesota native Levi LaVallee driving, flipping, and jumping around iconic Duluth locations.

As a kid, LaVallee always dreamed of sledding down the hilly streets of Duluth.

"As an early Snocross racer and whatnot, I always would drive around thinking, 'Wouldn't it be incredible to be able to jump off this and ride down this?'" he said.

With the help of Red Bull, that dream became a reality.

LaVallee turned Duluth into his own playground by snowmobiling down Spirit Mountain, Lake Avenue, and through Canal park with lots of flips and tricks along the way.

"There are so many fun ones that mean different things to me. Being at Spirit Mountain and being able to ride outside of where the normal Snocross track was," LaValle said. "So that was a really cool moment, but I really like doing the backflip at Fitgers over the train."

The video is an opportunity to showcase the region where LaValle is from and bring attention to Duluth's attractions.

Duluth Public Information Officer Kate Van Daele said the video will hopefully inspire more tourism and filming.

"There's so many cool things that the video highlights about Duluth that's in Duluth, that again, we just could not be more proud to highlight and hopefully will help not only businesses but the city recover at a time when we need people to reinvest in Duluth and reinvest in our businesses," Van Daele said.

City workers who helped keep filming safe were also featured.

"I really hope that people are inspired by it to go out there and get after the dreams that they have," LaValle said.

At 38 years old, LaVallee said his "crazy" stunt years are over, but he is always looking for ways to be creative on the snowmobile.

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