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Rain likely tonight, slow clearing will begin Thursday


WEATHER STORY: An occluded low is plodding our way from the Dakotas and will deliver a 60% chance for rain overnight. Rain totals by Thursday noon may run a quarter to half inch in many towns. After that, it will slowly clear beginning on Thursday. The weekend may be sunny with near normal temperatures. The next rain chance may not come until next Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: The sky will be cloudy and there will be a 60% chance for rain. The low temp will be near 45. The wind will be SE 10-20 mph.

THURSDAY: The sky will remain cloudy but it should dry up as the low goes away. The high temperature will be near 52. The wind will be SW 10-20 mph.

FRIDAY: It will start to clear up a little better as a western high gets closer to town. Friday should be partly sunny. The low temp will start at 40. The high will finish near 50. The normal is around 54 or 55 this time of year. The wind will be W 5-15 mph.

COMING UP: By Saturday, the higher air pressure system will take over more firmly so the sky will become mostly sunny. Similar sunny conditions will last through Tuesday. Next Wednesday will be our next rain chance. Highs this week will run 50-60. The low temps will run 38 to 45 this week. The normal high is around 55.

Dave Anderson

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