Inmate allegedly slashes supervisor’s throat at MSOP, punches other worker in head

MOOSE LAKE, MN — An inmate serving time at the Minnesota Sex Offender Program has now been charged with attempted murder and assault for allegedly slashed a man’s throat, and punching another facility worker in the head.

George Mack, Jr., 42, made his first court appearance on Thursday, during which a judge set his bail at $500,000. He’s currently being held in the Carlton County Jail.

According to court records, on Tuesday, officials say Mack allegedly used a weapon, made out of a razor blade, a toothbrush, dental floss and a rubber band to injure a clinical supervisor, who has been identified in court documents as Zachary Campbell, inside the MSOP building.

Video taken from security cameras inside the MSOP building apparently shows Campbell leading a meeting in an open area of the facility Tuesday.

Mack, who authorities say was not part of that meeting, is seen on the mezzanine level of the open area. He later walks to the lower level where the meeting is taking place.

Authorities say the video then shows Mack “casually walk along the back side of the circle and lunges at the back of Campbell, who was sitting in a chair.”

Mack allegedly grabbed Campbell’s head with one hand. While reaching around Campbell’s throat with the other hand, Mack can apparently be seen making at least two cutting or slashing motions across the front of Campbell’s throat.

According to court records, Campbell jumped out of the chair and ran from Mack. Mack was then intercepted by another staff member, Donald Geil.

Mack allegedly punched Geil several times, striking him in his head and left rib area causing what authorities called “demonstrable injury.”

Authorities say Mack was then “subdued by several staff members and secured.”

Photos show Campbell’s injuries included an approximately two-inch long cut on his throat along with another one inch long cut left of Campbell’s throat.

Later, during an interview with authorities, Mack said he had a prior interaction with Campbell on the previous day. Mack apparently told authorities he did not like that Campbell said he was going to “change everything” in that particular MSOP unit and did not like his demeanor.

Mack told authorities he made the makeshift weapon, and shouted “I’m the boss,” while chasing after Campbell.

No word at this point on Campbell’s or Geil’s condition.

Briggs LeSavage

Briggs LeSavage

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