Eye On Mining: A look at the early stages of gold exploration

HIBBING, MN — From the discovery of iron ore to the recent proposals of copper and nickel mining, mineral exploration has been active in our region for well over 100

Audit set following complaint of PolyMet permit review

In a letter, the agency states the audit’s objective is to determine whether the EPA followed appropriate Clean Water Act and NPDES regulations to review the permit, which was approved by Minnesota, and was issued in 2018.


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A warm, sunny and breezy day ahead

A warm, sunny and breezy day ahead

If you like warm and sunny weather, you will enjoy today's forecast! Click here to see if that will last.

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The Latest: Fox anchor calls Ford testimony GOP `disaster’

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley has gaveled into session Thursday's dramatic hearing with Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee

William A. Irvin clears Minnesota Slip

DULUTH, MN - The William A. Irvin cleared the Minnesota Slip around 12:30 a.m. Saturday morning, two and a half

WisDOT: Beware of buckling pavement due to upcoming warm weather

WisDOT officials are asking those traveling during the next few days to be aware of road conditions.

7 tips to stay safe indoors during lightning event

When thunderstorms are approaching, the safest place to be is inside a safe shelter, such as your home.

Painted crosswalk push in Duluth to promote pedestrian and bicycle safety

DULUTH, MN– Be prepared to see some colorful crosswalks this summer. The reason for the colors is so people can actually