Eye On Mining: Cliffs CEO talks clean energy, Green New Deal

DULUTH, MN — In early March, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced a set of policy proposals, which his administration says will lead Minnesota to 100 percent clean energy in the

“Strike Trailer” set up near Minntac Mine

Uncertainty continues on the Iron Range Wednesday as United Steelworkers and U.S. Steel continue to clash over contracts. While negotiations are happening in Pittsburgh, local

Cleveland-Cliffs CEO provides business update

Two weeks after Cleveland-Cliffs filed a lawsuit against the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and Commissioner Tom Landwehr, the CEO of the mining company, Lourenco Goncalves said there has been no more discussion and lawyers are handling the situation now. 


International Falls
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Lots of sun to begin the weekend, clouds increase Sunday

Lots of sun to begin the weekend, clouds increase Sunday

Lots of sunshine is expected to begin the weekend, clouds increase Sunday.

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