William A. Irvin clears Minnesota Slip

DULUTH, MN – The William A. Irvin cleared the Minnesota Slip around 12:30 a.m. Saturday morning, two and a half hours after starting its voyage.

The move from Canal Park to Fraser Shipyards in Superior was expected to take a total of five hours.

Engineers working on the project said earlier Friday evening that they had to move equipment fast to get the ship on the move given their small window of good weather.

About a dozen to two dozen people including supervisors were assisting in the move, Chad Scott, with AMI Engineering said.

The 610 foot bulk carrier made it to the Minnesota Slip Bridge just before 10:30 p.m. Once there, it was a very slow and steady process of getting the Irvin through the bridge.

“The entrance is very narrow,” said Chad Scott, a consultant with AMI Consulting Engineers. “The width of the vessel is that we’re only going to have seven inches on each side of the vessel when it goes through the opening of the bridge.”

Hundreds lined the boardwalk to watch the ship make the journey to Superior, including Matt Ackerman.

“It’s exciting. I remember coming up when I was in high school 30 years ago and touring the ship.”

Kevin Jacobsen

Kevin Jacobsen

News Director

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