Duluth Police: Canal Park closed beyond Buchanan St. to non-residents

DULUTH, MN –The Duluth Police Department says S. Lake Avenue and Canal Park drive are closed below Buchanan Street.

Anyone wishing to go beyond Buchanan Street must be a Park Point resident, and anyone who has business in the area.

Debris or open manholes may be under the water when traveling beyond Buchanan Street.

Waves are expected to increase into the evening, which could increase water levels, causing them to be too deep for vehicles.

Police also discourage anyone to travel by foot in the area.

City officials are asking everyone to stay away from flooded or damaged areas unless it is necessary to be there.

Barricades are in place at various places around the city, and the public is asked to not go around them for safety reasons.

City leaders say we need to watch the power of Lake Superior at a safe distance, and to use caution.

Some of the more damaged areas in Duluth include the Lakewalk, Canal Park area, and Brighton Beach.

There has also been reports of some flooding in low-lying areas near the St. Louis River.

The Lakewalk Tunnel under Highway 61 is closed to flooding, and there are also many downed trees throughout the city.

The 12th Street Parking lot is flooded and closed on Park Point.

In addition, roadblocks will be up until 7 p.m. on Canal Park Drive, Railroad Street, and South Lake Avenue.

Duluth is still recovering from last year’s storm on October 27th, which cost about $10 million in damage.

City officials say they are unsure what impact this will have on the current repair project, which includes the area behind Fitgers.

Officials said on Thursday that there is now new and significant damage to the Lakewalk behind Fitgers, as well as more land loss.

Boardwalk panels are also flipped up and moving around in the waves and wind.

As of 2:30 p.m., all wastewater systems were working properly throughout the city except for Park Point due to some overflow.

If anyone has water issues, you’re asked to call 218-730-4100, or submit questions and issues on the city website.

Officials say an assessment will be done after the storm so the city can submit it to the state for funding on any additional repairs needed.

During the conference, the Duluth Fire Department says there are currently three dams which follow the St. Louis River, which is seeing higher water levels.

At this time, we are told there is no threat of a dam failure.

The Department will be working with Minnesota Power to monitor the dams.

Storm cleanup around the city is expected to start Thursday morning.

City officials are expected to hold a news conference at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday at Duluth City Hall.

The conference will be an update on the storm surge impacts, as well as an update on the clean up process from city staff.

In addition, Acting Chief Administrative Officer Keith Hamre and other staff will provide an update to closed areas such as Canal Park Drive, the Lighthouse parking lot, and Brighton Beach.

City leaders are discouraging everyone from going down to the Lakewalk or canal to look at the storm and damages.

Officials say debris is being pushed ashore, as well as flooding.

As heavy rain and high winds continue to impact the region, Duluth city officials are temporarily closing several more areas experiencing flooding and standing water.

-Canal Park Drive by Morse Street and the lighthouse parking lot by the Maritime Museum will be closed until further notice. Harbor Drive behind the DECC is also not accessible.

-Brighton Beach is temporarily closed at this time. Officials say the Lakewalk Trail behind the Canal Park hotels may be partially inaccessible due to debris. Pedestrians are asked to use caution.

-Standing water at the end of Park Point is being monitored so public access to that area
is prohibited.

Duluth’s National Weather Service and city officials advise people to stay away from the lakeshore.

Instead, they suggest several live webcams set up around the city for safe online viewing.

City crews will continue to monitor low lying areas and the storm sewer system.


Flooding in the Canal Park area and in the Lighthouse on the Duluth pier has forced city officials to close part of Canal Park Drive Wednesday morning.

According to city officials, the closure is affecting the area near Morse Street and the Lighthouse parking lot by the Maritime Museum.

The closure will last until further notice.

Big waves in the harbor has also caused standing water behind the DECC.

Drivers are asked to use caution and be vigilant on the roads.

The National Weather Service in Duluth advises people to use extreme caution if they plan to check out the lake.

Briggs LeSavage

Briggs LeSavage

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