SLIDESHOW: Canal Park’s Lakewalk takes another storm beating

DULUTH, MN– Lake Superior really showed off its power Wednesday.

The Duluth Lakewalk, already heavily damaged by storms last year,  has taken another beating as waves crashed along the boardwalk, throwing around debris and rocks.

During last October’s storm, the Lakewalk and surrounding areas such as Brighton Beach, and parts of the seawall,  sustained $10 million in damage, with hard-hit areas between the Fitger’s complex and Endion station.

City Officials have been in the process repairing those damages, but nearly a year later, they could be back at square one.

Repair on the Lakewalk from last year’s October and April storm just began on Monday, but now the assessments may be back at square one.

Wednesday,  city officials say the Lakewalk has sustained serious damage, specific areas include behind Fitger’s complex where officials say the asphalt along the trail has been lifted up due to waves, causing it to cave in.

In addition, they say boardwalk panels have been flipped and thrown around.

During a press conference, officials stated they haven’t been able to get a good look at the damage in a lot of areas because it’s too “wild and dangerous” outside.

How the recent storm damage will affect the current repair process along the Lakewalk is unclear at this time.

Mike Lebeau, the Construction Manager Covering Parks, and Lakewalk says, “we’re not sure what impact this will have this will have on the project that we have underway right now. There will certainly be some additional expense and repairing there access road which is along the Lakewalk”

City officials say they won’t be able to assess any damage until Thursday when the weather calms down.

Acting Chief Administrative Officer in Duluth, Keith Hamre says, “we don’t want to have this wonderful amenity of ours out of service for too long, but we do want to make sure people enjoy something that is a safe amenity.”

Officials are highly urging spectators to stay away from the Lakewalk and parts of Canal Park’s waterfronts because it is extremely dangerous and unpredictable at this time.

Jessie Slater

Jessie Slater

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