Officials plan to rebuild La Pointe Fire Hall from ashes

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LA POINTE, WI — Three months ago, La Pointe’s only fire hall burned to the ground, destroying the building and most of the emergency response equipment inside.

After months of making due with equipment borrowed from other departments, plans to build a new facility in the same location are in the works.

“Everybody’s just sort of off kilter a little bit and it’s going to take us a while to get back to where we feel comfortable again, which is why we’re trying to rush this building,” Town Administrator Lisa Potswald said.

Potswald says officials have narrowed their plans to four different layout options.

“We have an opportunity here to plan for the future of the island and what the needs are in terms of emergency services,” Potswald said.

With costs ranging anywhere from $1.5 to $3.5 million, Potswald and others will be asked to decide on the best option and present it the town board on June 25th.

“I’ve worked with the police department, fire department, and ambulance service, along with the architect, to come up with these four plans, and plan C is the plan we’re going to be recommending to the town board,” Potswald said.

That plan would nearly double the amount of square feet compared to their previous building.

“We had about 85-hundred square feet in the old building,” Potswald said.

Potswald says insurance should cover a major portion of the cost.

“We think we have up to $1.65 million,” Potswald said. “How the insurance is going to decide what they’re going to pay us is up in the air as of yet.”

With help from receiving $270,000 in donations from other communities, Potswald believes the new facility could be up and running as early as next spring.

“It’s overwhelming, but really really heartwarming because it’s helped us get through what could’ve been a really really tough situation,” Potswald said.

In the meantime, the fire department will continue working out of La Pointe’s public works building.

The official cause of that March fire is listed as “undetermined.”

Gamiel Hall

Gamiel Hall

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