Police: Phone call scam reported, callers posing as Duluth Police officers

DULUTH, MN — Authorities are warning people about phony phone calls where callers are posing as Duluth Police officers, seeking money.

Police say they have received several reports of scammers posing as officers on the phone, telling people there is an outstanding warrant for them after they failed to show up for jury duty.

Victims are then asked to go to the police department to sign an affidavit.

If the victim can’t make it to headquarters, the scammer will demand a fine paid over the phone.

Authorities say the scammers give the Duluth Police Department’s actual address and use a caller ID that’s similar to their own.

Duluth Police say they would never call and demand money.

If you receive a call like this, you’re urged to hang up, and call 911.

Billy Wagness

Billy Wagness

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