Does Klobuchar have a realistic shot at a presidential run?

DULUTH, MN — As many of us know, Democratic U.S Senator Amy Klobuchar is making a big announcement on Sunday.

All signs point to Klobuchar throwing her hat in the 2020 presidential race. With that, we’re taking a look at what her campaign could look like.

Even though she hasn’t officially made the announcement,  political expert and professor,  Dr. Cindy Rugely says she expects Sen. Klobuchar to make the announcement Sunday.

Dr. Rugely said should she announce a 2020 run separating herself from other Democrats will be a tall task.

“It’s going to be a huge field,” said Dr. Rugely, talking about the amount of Democrats that will run.

As a midwesterner, Klobuchar will be caught between coasts. She’ll be going up against Democrats, like California Senator Kamala Harris, and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker. That begs the question, does Klobuchar have the needed national recognition?

“She got a little bit of attention during the Kavanaugh hearings, and again during the Barr hearings. I think because of the way she handled herself, particularly when she came under attack during the Kavanaugh hearing, gathered her a lot of support nationally among people who paid attention,” said Dr. Rugely.

Rugely said, while Sen. Klobuchar is a Democrat, she’s a moderate one, whose labor and job stances will resonate well in Midwestern swing states.

“It helps her. It helps her,” said Dr. Rugely.

Rugely added while Sen. Klobuchar has tackled many statewide issues in Minnesota, what might hold her back is that she hasn’t established a national identity.

“She’s been very successful at passing legislation, she’s somebody that works across the aisle frequently, she’s very bi-partisan the way she does business. But again, there’s not something where they can say ‘this is the big issue’ that you identify her with. So, that’s one of the shortcomings she has,” said Dr. Rugely.

As a Senator  Klobuchar has been a big supporter of affordable health care, addressing the opioid crisis, and pens herself as someone who fights for families, workers, and businesses.

With Sunday expected to be a formality, Klobuchar’s first big test will be caucusing in Iowa for 2020.

There has been a total of four presidential candidates from Minnesota, all have lost.

Reporter Anthony Matt

Reporter Anthony Matt

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