Gov. Walz Agrees To Scrap Troubled MNLARS, Change To Private Software System

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota officials say they will be scrapping the troubled MNLARS system for a packaged software solution after an independent review.

WCCO’s Pat Kessler says it will cost $73 million more to switch to the new system from MNLARS. A changeover to a new, private software system is expected to take two years.

Total cost of the botched vehicle licensing rollout is expected to be at least $173 million.

The independent review was conducted by Rick King, Chairman of the Independent Expert Review and Chief Operating Officer of Thomson Reuters. King recommended replacing MNLARS with a packaged software solution.

“We are confident that rapidly licensing a packaged software solution will provide all the functionality available today in MNLARS, as well as the benefit of the knowledge and expertise of the package software providers already serving many other states successfully,” King said.

Gov. Tim Walz agreed with the recommendations.

“I’m committed to fixing Minnesota’s Vehicle Licensing and Registration System,” Walz said. “That’s why I reached across the aisle to bring people together to find a solution. Minnesotans don’t care how they get their license plates or tabs, they just want them on time and error-free. My administration will continue to make state government as efficient and accountable as possible.”

The review says that while the recommendation is expensive in the short-term and causes disruption with another changeover, it’s the lowest risk path to a long-term solution.

You can watch the full news conference below:



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