House Judiciary Committee to hold first impeachment hearing

As they investigate President Donald Trump, Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee will hold their first official hearing in what they are calling an impeachment investigation.

Hearing puts spotlight on troubled Minnesota state agency

The chair of a Minnesota Senate committee that oversees the Department of Human Services has told the agency’s acting head it needs to figure out how to repay the federal government for $25 million in apparent overpayments

Gov. Walz meets with PolyMet, Glencore

ST. PAUL, MN —  Minnesota Governor Tim Walz met with representatives from PolyMet and Glencore Thursday. The meeting was closed to the press but in

Emily Larson

Current Mayor Emily Larson says she is running for re-election in order to continue work on moving forward. 

International Falls
Grand Marais
Warm temperatures continue with light winds and sunshine

Warm temperatures continue with light winds and sunshine

Looking at a pleasant summer-like day ahead with lighter winds and no rain chances!

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William A. Irvin clears Minnesota Slip

DULUTH, MN - The William A. Irvin cleared the Minnesota Slip around 12:30 a.m. Saturday morning, two and a half

The Latest: Fox anchor calls Ford testimony GOP `disaster’

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley has gaveled into session Thursday's dramatic hearing with Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee

New businesses to open in Lincoln Park before the end of the year

For years, major changes have been made to Lincoln Park, and the area that’s become known as the craft district.

MN Court of Appeals temporarily suspends two PolyMet permits

ST. PAUL, MN — On Wednesday, the Minnesota Court of Appeals issued a temporary stay, or suspension, on two PolyMet

Preventing storm water drain pollution

As the fall season approaches and the rain keeps falling, chances are the storm drains outside your home could get