House Judiciary Committee to hold first impeachment hearing

As they investigate President Donald Trump, Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee will hold their first official hearing in what they are calling an impeachment investigation.

Daniel Weatherly

Weatherly says his view of the current city management is that the city is lacking management, transparency and accountability. 

John Socha

My vision for Duluth for the onset of the next decade insures the enrichment of all citizen’s lives.

Donald Raihala

I want to ensure that local taxpayer money be more focused on the essential services outside of Superior Street and Canal Park that Duluthians are deserving of.

David Nolle

As an outsider to city politics, Dave believes as mayor, he can bring best-method approaches learned during his decades of organizational leadership.

Corey Ford

I want to be Mayor of Duluth because the issues that matter most to me have not been addressed by the other candidates, nor has the incumbent done anything about them during her first term as Mayor.

Gary Anderson

Anderson has served as a City Councilor for Duluth’s First District for four years, and says working with the people of the district to make sure needs are met and that the community thrives has been rewarding. 

Theresa O’Halloran-Johnson

My name is Theresa O’Halloran-Johnson, and I have lived in Duluth’s 3rd District since I moved here over 10 years ago.

Roz Randorf

I am running for City Council because Duluth is my future.

Jeanne Koneczny

I am running for 5th District City Council because of my deep desire to improve the western part of Duluth through a common sense, collaborative approach to problem solving.

Janet Kennedy

I am running, because I am a leader with a fresh vision for a thriving, healthy Western Duluth.

International Falls
Grand Marais
Warm temperatures continue with light winds and sunshine

Warm temperatures continue with light winds and sunshine

Looking at a pleasant summer-like day ahead with lighter winds and no rain chances!

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