Sen. Baldwin hopeful about passing “farm bill”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Several U.S. lawmakers, including Wisconsin’s Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin, say they’re optimistic that they can pass a new farm bill next week.

Lawmakers say the farm bill pushes for several key things, including giving dairy farmers more risk management tools for issues like overproduction, and low milk prices.

Soy bean farmers have also been hit hard by low commodity prices, aggravated by the U.S.-China trade war.

Baldwin says, for Wisconsin farmers, in particular, a relief bill can’t come soon enough.

“I think about how many dairy farms that we’ve lost in the last two years–over 500 last year,” says Baldwin. “We’re already at 584 dairy farms that have gone out of business so far in 2018. That’s just intolerable, in my view.”

Bill is still being drafted with a final copy expected sometime next week. The House will likely pass it first followed by the Senate.

Baldwin says lawmakers hope to have the bill in front of President Trump for a signature by the following week.

Billy Wagness

Billy Wagness

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