UPDATE: Patterson bail set at five million dollars

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UPDATE: A judge has set bail at $5 million for a man suspected of abducting a Wisconsin teenager after killing her parents in October.

Jake Patterson, 21, allegedly abducted Jayme Closs, 13, who escaped last week in Gordon, Wisconsin.

On Monday afternoon, a Barron County judge ordered Patterson, who appeared in a packed courtroom by video conference, to be held on a $5 million cash bail after the state asked for the amount due to his being a flight risk, as well as the number of offenses he allegedly committed.

The judge denied the defense’s request of a lower amount.

In court, Patterson visibly yawned while the charges against him were read, two of which carry a life sentence.

According to court documents, Patterson made two stops at the Closs home to attempt to kidnap Jayme, but left for various reasons before coming back a third time.

Closs allegedly used his father’s .12 gauge shotgun as he “felt it would inflict the most damage.”

Authorities say Patterson totally changed his appearance, and did everything he could to ensure no DNA was left at the scene.

On the morning of October 15th, authorities say Patterson arrived at the Closs home, shot James through a window, and forcibly gained entry to the bathroom where Denise and Jayme were.

That’s when Patterson allegedly shot Denise in front of Jayme.

Patterson then bound Jayme in tape, put her in the trunk of his car, and drove away.

In court documents, Patterson estimated the entire kidnapping lasted about 4 minutes, and says within 20 seconds of leaving, he saw law enforcement headed towards the Closs home.

Court documents say Patterson was “determined he was going to take Jayme that night and was going to kill anyone in the house because he could not leave any eyewitnesses behind.”

Authorities believe that meant police as well.

In the 88 days Jayme was held captive, authorities say Patterson would hide her by putting her under his bed, and putting weighted plastic totes around the bed, so heavy that she couldn’t move them.

He would tell her if she tried to escape “bad things would happen” and would even turn up music in his bedroom when friends and family would come over.

Following Patterson’s court appearance on Monday, prosecutors addressed the media.

“The prosecution team you see here assembled today wants justice for James and Denise Closs and for Jayme Closs. There is a process that will take place. At the right time we will present out evidence and argue our evidence that beyond a reasonable doubt he did it.”

When Patterson was stopped after Jayme escaped, he allegedly told police “I know what this is about” and “I did it.”

In court documents, Patterson allegedly said he never would have been caught if he had “planned everything perfectly.”

The judge also ordered no contact with Jayme Closs, and those who initially came into contact with Jayme.

Patterson’s next court date is scheduled for February 6th.

Douglas County District Attorney Mark Freuhaf says he is reviewing the case for additional charging.

Barron County DA Brian Wright also stated Monday afternoon that there is additional information which isn’t contained in the criminal complaint.

That complaint can be found below.

For more coverage of the case, click here.



BARRON COUNTY, WI — Formal charges have been filed against a man suspected of killing James and Denise Closs and kidnapping their teenage daughter, Jayme, in Barron, Wisconsin last fall.

Jake Patterson, 21, of Gordon, Wisconsin, is now facing four felony charges.

Those charges include two counts of first degree intentional homicide, one count of kidnapping, and one count of armed burglary with a dangerous weapon.

Jayme, 13, was able to escape last Thursday after being kept in a cabin in Gordon, Wisconsin.

We’ve uploaded the full criminal complaint below:

Briggs LeSavage

Briggs LeSavage

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