Dealing with opioid use in the Workplace

HAYWARD, WI — Opioid use is a growing issue in Wisconsin.

New numbers show 95% of the people who experience an overdose have a job.

And that can take a big toll on the businesses who employ those people.

It’s why a group of business leaders gathered for a forum in Hayward Tuesday morning hosted by the National Safety Council.

They were there to show off opioid prevention resources available to businesses.

Many community leaders say they want to help their employees who may be struggling.

Rachael Cooper, Sr. Program Manager at the National Safety Counsel says, “At the safety council we have been covering opioids and working on opioids for almost a decade now starting in 2011, we’ve done a lot of work in the opioid overdose crisis including prescriber education, including public memorials, including educational sessions that we have a gamet of close to like a decade now, so that you can implement a very robust opioid overdose prevention and opioid use prevention policy.”

A couple big topics today were best practices for drug testings..and how to Develop clear and compassionate drug policies in the workplace.

Mary Lois Bolka, Sector & Strategies Coordinator of the Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board states, “We hold these events as part of our family centered approach so we see the workforce as not only addressing the one employee that were dealing with but looking at that employee and their family as a whole so making sure that were addressing any issue whether it be addiction or anything else were looking at it as a holistic perspective.”

Opioid use prevention policies in the workplace are an important asset, and to help people get access to treatments.

Kaitlyn Moffett

Kaitlyn Moffett

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